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Ten More Search Queries that Brought Readers to SofR

A couple of months ago we posted a list of "Ten Search Queries that Brought Readers to SofR" to showcase the funny, crazy, and random phrases that led readers to our site. It was a big hit so we're doing a sequel. Here are the latest and greatest amusing search terms [with commentary], including links to the articles we assume each search yielded:

10. “why do i find men approachable and women horrible?” [Because you’re a misogynist.]

9. “ebay The Science of Relationships: Answers to Your Questions about Dating, Marriage and Family” [You won’t find our book on ebay because it’s so good nobody is willing to sell theirs.]

8. “not into relationships” [It would appear that Google failed you; you’ve clearly reached the wrong site.]

7. “does the number 4 get along with 9 in relationships” [No. In our expert opinion this is a relationship doomed for failure. The combination of 4+9 will bring nothing but bad luck.]

6. “johnny depp consent to sex” [Perhaps, but probably not with you.]

5. “summary of dr. loving article” [Seriously, you’re looking for Cliff’s Notes versions of our articles? Do you have a test on this?]

4. “how old is dylan selterman?” [He is 27 years old, and likes piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. He’s not into yoga...]

3. “you stink as an individual” [But in a group I like you just fine.]

2. “banging in the face” [Ouch! That sounds painful.]

1. “my friends hug me while i take naps” [“friendS” plural? Maybe it’s time to get some new friends.]

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