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How Well Do You Know People? Play the Game

Editor's note: Our friends at In-Mind.org have developed a smartphone app that tests your knowledge of human behavior...Here's what they say about it (see below to get it on your iPhone or Android device):

Social K: The Game 

What do YOU know about people? Do you think that you know the human psyche? And, do you know the human psyche better than your friends?

Here's the app that will put your mind to the test. Social K assesses your knowledge about human behavior and teaches you facts that you may have never known!

The app according to the experts:

“Think you know people? Think again. This fun and educational app provides provides new insights into how people think and why they (and you) act as they do.” - John Cacioppo, the Tiffany and Margaret Blake Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Chicago and founder of the field of social neuroscience.

“What a great way to have fun and learn something, too.” - Harry Reis, former president of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology and professor at the University of Rochester.

New scientific findings, classical theories - brought to you in an accessible way: Every day, you receive a claim about how humans act, feel, and think. We ask you: Is it true? The next day we'll tell you whether you were correct and you will also know how you compare to others.

Social Knowledge is the first app of its kind and tests your understanding of scientific findings in the most fun way. You can even use it as a teaching aid!

The content of Social K was developed by the In-Mind Foundation, an organization run by scientists devoted to provide edutainment on social psychology, bringing science to you in the most fun way. The scientists work at prestigious universities worldwide, distilling scientific findings for you. Humans are innately social - and ALL feelings, behaviors, and thoughts are inherently influenced by their social context. Now you get to know how.

Main features:

  • Plain and simple: A daily claim on human social behavior
  • Develop your personal knowledge regarding social behavior
  • No self-help books for you. Learn how humans behave
  • Compare your knowledge against people worldwide
  • Compare your knowledge against your friends/classroom
  • Pride yourself by showing your knowledge on Twitter
  • Transform your Android into your own psychology professor

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