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30 Things You Should Know About Sex (2012 Edition)

Was 2012 a sexy year for you? It sure was here at ScienceOfRelationships.com. Here are the highlights of our "Year in Sex":

  1. Supersize Me: Does Penis Size Matter to Women?
  2. Getting Her There: When Are Women Most Likely To Have Orgasms?
  3. The Ins and Outs of Sexual Frequency
  4. Breaking It Off: Sex-Positive Shops and the Women’s Sex Toy Revolution
  5. Is Masturbation Bad For Your Health and Your Relationship?
  6. Monkey See, Monkey Do (and by “Do” We Mean “Have Sex”)
  7. Let's Talk About Sex...During Sex
  8. Obama vs. Romney: How Politics Influence Sexual Desire
  9. “Tulizana!”: Taming Sexual Networks in Tanzania
  10. "Hooking Up" – What is it Exactly?
  11. The Importance of What Happens After Sex
  12. Feelings Of Insecurity Prompt Fantasies Of Emotionless Sex And Aggression
  13. The Birds And The Bees: When And How Should Fathers Talk To Their Sons About Sex?
  14. Are You GGG? The Benefits of Sexual Communal Strength
  15. A Dating Downer: Ascension Deficit Disorder
  16. You’re Sexy When We Fight
  17. Marvin Gaye was Right On: Sex and Stress Relief
  18. Are You a Booty Call or a Friend with Benefits?
  19. Death, Derogation, and Double Standards: What’s a Sexy Woman to Do?
  20. Are “Open” Relationships The Hotbed For STDs That Everyone Assumes?
  21. The Seasons for Sex
  22. Is Bigger Better? How Men Really Feel About Their Own Penises
  23. Concubines, Comfort Women, or Trafficking? A Stroll through the Seoul Sex Industry
  24. "Seven Days of Sex": Will It Save Your Marriage?
  25. Do Men Really Think About Sex Every Seven Seconds?
  26. Why People Have Sex (“The Naked Man” Redux)
  27. Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality (Book Review)
  28. Hairless Skin and Romantic Love: The Naked Love Theory
  29. Sex in Friendships, Friendship After Sex
  30. Is Pornography to Blame For the High Divorce Rate?

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