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Happy Birthday to...Us

ScienceOfRelationships.com’s roots extend back to the 10 days the three of us (and our partners) spent together in Greece during the summer of 2006 (a trip that began with, not coincidentally, the International Association for Relationship Research meeting). During that trip we had many conversations about how the field of relationship science should and could do more to make itself accessible to all of the people in the world who want to learn more about relationships.

Over the years those conversations continued regularly. After we each received tenure we took the plunge; we started working on this site in January 2011. Our goal was to create a place that people could visit to learn science-based information about relationships that remained factual, but was written by actual relationship scientists in an engaging and entertaining manner. After many long nights and a lot of coffee, on February 25th 2011 SofR went live and has been going strong since. (Feeling nostalgic? Here's a link to our very first post).

Fortunately for us, there were other relationship scientists who shared our vision and were willing to donate their time to write for the site (see the full list of our awesome contributors here). We are eternally grateful for their generosity, insight, and expertise.

We want to thank our readers who choose to spend a little piece of each day on the site. And if you’ve ever found yourself sharing something you’ve learned on the site with someone else, we thank you for helping us fulfill our mission of exposing as many people as possible to relationship science.

If you missed a year's worth of SofR, you might want to check out our archive of past articles. But if you don't have time to read everything from the past 12 months, here's a quick summary of ALL of our articles (click on the image below to supersize it):

For those of you who, like us, love data, here's our year in numbers:

Thanks for a great first year, 

Ben, Gary, Tim, and the rest of the SofR team

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