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Science Of Relationships at IARR in Chicago

Just to prove we were in Chicago (and had a good time!).

Front row: Amy Muise, Justin Lehmiller, Nicole Atkins, Samatha Joel, Jennifer Harman, Jennifer Shukusky, Sadie Leder, Lindsey Rodriguez

Back row: Bjarne Holmes, Benjamin Le, Gary Lewandowski, Tim Loving, Dylan Selterman

Not pictured, but were at the conference: Brent Mattingly, Sonia Ip, Charlotte & Patrick Markey, Jennifer Bevan, Marci Gleason, Maryhope Howland Rutherford, Paul Eastwick, & Sabrina Thai

In case you missed it, we wrote about some of our favorite research talks at that we saw at the conference here.

We especially want to thank all the conference speakers and attendees. We were honored that so many of you mentioned being fans of ScienceOfRelationships.com, and thank you for the great research that you all do to make our site possible.

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