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Interested in Being Interviewed About Sex and Your Relationship?

A reporter at a national publication is looking for people in long-term relationships to interview about their motivations for having sex and how they negotiate the inevitable ebb and flow.

If you are comfortable talking about the varied emotional reasons you have sex, please contact us (using this form) by Sunday morning (October 20th). Make sure to include your first name and email address and we'll put you in touch with our "SofR-approved" reporter.

You MUST be willing to use your name in print. NO EXPERTS NEEDED, just people willing to talk about their own sex lives.

UPDATE: Here is the article that was recently published by the Wall Street Journal that followed from this request.

Please note that this is not research sponsored by ScienceOfRelationships.com, its contributors, or institutions we are affiliated with. We are simply faciliatating communication between our contact at this respected national newspaper and our readers.

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