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Want Your MTV? They Want You Too...

MTV recently reached out to us to help them with casting for their new True Life: I Can't Cut Off From My Ex episode. No, there isn't science involved, but this is a great way for ScienceofRelationships fans to get some air time. If you are selected for the show, we suggest you do a little homework and read our articles on ex-partners here before making a fool of yourself on television.

Here's what MTV is looking for:

Have you broken up with a significant other, but you just can't seem to stay broken up? Does your ex constantly come in and out of your life? Are you constantly reminded of your ex on social media? Has it become impossible to unfollow/unfriend your ex? Or do you try to keep up with your ex, even if your ex doesn't want you to? Does a single past relationship keep affecting your life in ways you never expected?

If you appear to be between the ages of 18 and 28 and you have an ex who doesn't stay in your past, MTV wants to hear your story. Please reply to truelife@punchedinthehead.com with "True Life" in the subject line. Give us your name, location, phone number, a picture and tell us why you should be on True Life: I Can't Cut Off From My Ex."

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