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2013: The Year In Sex

Was this a sexy year for you? It sure was here at ScienceOfRelationships.com. Here are our Top 25 articles about sex from 2013:

  1. Getting It On vs. Getting It Over With: How Reasons for Having Sex Impact Relationships
  2. Sexual Compatibility: The Importance to Your Satisfaction
  3. Give the Gift of Simultaneous Orgasm This Valentine’s Day
  4. Sleep Tight...Will the Sex Dreams Bite?
  5. The Flavors of Female Orgasm: The Debate Continues
  6. Bring Out the Gimp: Personality & BDSM
  7. Is No Sex the New Sex?
  8. How Many Women Are Going Bare “Down There?”
  9. Manscaping: A Question of Bushwhacking
  10. What Does It Mean to “Make Sex Normal”?
  11. Late to the Game, Happier in Relationships
  12. Can A Friends With Benefits Relationship Provide The Same “Benefits” As A Committed Relationship?
  13. Under the Covers: Sexual Attitudes, Fertility, and Romantic Relationships
  14. Who's on Top? Power and Control In and Out of the Bedroom
  15. Friends Don’t Like Friends Who Sleep Around (Even If They’re Sleeping Around, Too)
  16. Does Sexual Narcissism Lead to a Better Sex Life?
  17. She Wants To, She Wants To Not: Predicting Women’s Casual Sex in College
  18. A Bun In The Oven and Still Hungry?
  19. Are There Benefits to Making Sexual Changes for your Partner?
  20. More Reasons to Have Sex: Money and Health
  21. "Wanna Go to Bed With Me?" (a.k.a. "Get Away from Me, Creep" vs. "Where Do I Sign Up?")
  22. The Best Time of the Year for Making Babies
  23. Sex, Lies, and...Bogus Pipelines?
  24. Men’s and Women’s (Not So) Different Attitudes about Romance and Sex
  25. Sex Lives in Second Life



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