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February is Relationship Science Month

February is a busy time of the year for relationship researchers, and we've been working hard in preparation for our annual Valentine's Day blitz. In fact, over the next couple of weeks we will transform The Science of Relationships into The Science of Valentine's Day. Keep an eye out for science-based articles on the following Valentine's Day topics (in no particular order):
  • How to improve your relationship this Valentine's Day
  • Are Valentine's Day card messages supported by science?
  • Why you should keep your Valentine's Day date warm and heavy
  • Should you dress in red on Valentine's Day?
  • How to make the most of your senses on Valentine's Day
  • Why are people motivated to give gifts to their partners on Valentine's Day? (hint: it's not just to get sex)
  • Get your Facebook profile ready for Valentine's Day
  • Valentine's Day gifts: He said/she said
  • How is Valentine's Day celebrated in China?
  • Need a Tip For a Sexual Position This Valentine's Day? You've come to the right place.
  • Is candy a good Valentine's Day present?
  • Tips for single people on Valentine's Day
  • Does buying a crappy Valentine's Day gift for your partner hurt (or help) your relationship?
  • Is your relationship at risk this Valentine's Day?
  • How do same-sex couples view Valentine's Day?

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