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Help Stop Homophobia and Win a Signed Copy of Dr. Lisa Diamond's Book (or $100) While You're At It

Last week we introduced you to Dr. Karen Blair's research on prejudice toward LGBTQ individuals (read more here). To further spread the word about this study and encourage people to support the research, Dr. Lisa Diamond has generously offered to provide not one, but TWO prize draws.

The Prizes

1. $100.00 Cold. Hard. Cash. - Cash you can take to the bank, the shoe store, or ask Dr. Diamond to donate back to supporting Dr. Blair's research.

2. An autographed copy of Dr. Diamond's popular book - Sexual Fluidity.

Click here to learn more about how you can win one of these prizes and support Dr. Blair's research.

(This opportunity, drawing, and prizes are being offered by Dr. Lisa Diamond and her research lab, not by ScienceOfRelationships.com. We are sharing the news about Dr. Diamond's generous gesture because we support Dr. Blair's research and know that you'll love reading Dr. Diamond's book.) 

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