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Science of Relationships MOOC at Colorado State University

Interested in learning more about the science of relationships? Dr. Jennifer Jill Harman is offering a free, on-line 8 week course! The Science of Relationships MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) at Colorado State University is a social-based program that provides educational access to the public at no cost. This class teaches students secrets to what makes their significant other tick, why they’re attracted to the people they are, how to best nurture a relationship, and more. Divided into eight modules, the class covers 24 different topics (e.g., friendships, divorce, parenting). You can listen to short and interesting lectures at your own pace, take surveys to learn more about yourself, participate in lively discussions with people from all over the world, and complete a wide variety of fun activities to apply the material you will learn about. Dr. Harman is also available for a weekly live chat/office hours once a week! 

Registration is open now. The course begins September 8th, and closes November 4th. Contact OnlinePlus_MOOC@colostate.edu for more information, or visit the site to learn more.

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