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Valentine’s Day Sex: Extra-Special or Not-to-Be Expected?

Everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, and you’d probably assume that couples end up expressing their love (or lust) for each other in ways other than giving gifts. In fact, the #1 gift that men want to receive for Valentine’s Day wasn’t really a traditional “gift” at all: it was sex (read more about the top-ranked gifts here). 

We asked over 1,000 Americans (learn more about survey here) if couples should expect to have sex on Valentine’s Day, and if so, if that sex should be better than average (i.e., “extra special Valentine’s Day sex”) or if it would be the “typical” sex that the couple normally has. Overall, 36% of people expected to have better sex than usual, 27% thought they’d have typical sex (if you’re bad at math, this means that almost 2 out of every 3 respondents expected couples to have sex on Valentine’s Day), and 37% didn’t think that sex should be expected on Valentine’s Day.

Things get interesting, however, when we look at men and women separately. Almost half (47%) of men expect better sex than usual, whereas 30% of men don’t expect Valentine’s sex. The pattern is reversed for women; nearly half (47%) say that sex shouldn’t be expected, and only 23% expect extra-special sex on Valentine’s Day.

So, don’t just assume you’re on the same page as your partner when it comes to Valentine’s Day sex. Communication about sex is always a good idea, and when better to start discussing the importance of sex in your relationship than on Valentine’s Day?

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