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Survey Says: How Do People Prefer to Receive Valentine's Day Gifts

One of the reasons people indicated that they hate Valentine’s Day is because it’s too commercial. The vast majority of our survey respondents indicated that some form of gift is expected (88%). So we wanted to know (a) how people prefer to receive their gifts and (b) what types of gifts they prefer. Below, I address the first question. Stay tuned for a breakdown of gift preferences in subsequent posts.

How do people prefer to receive gifts?

Do people want to flaunt their Valentine’s Day riches by receiving a gift in public? Or is it best to receive a gift privately? The vast majority (65%) of those surveyed preferred a private gift. One-third of our respondents indicated they had no preference --- public or private is fine. If you’re adding up the numbers, it should be clear that very few people prefer to receive their gift in a public setting; less than 2% of those surveyed opted for a flaunt what you got approach.

So if you’re on the fence about giving your gift during an intimate one-on-one moment vs. sending a singing Valentine-A-Gram to your not-so-secret Valentine’s place of work, opt for the more personal approach. It’s the safest route (worst case scenario, you’ll find out whether your partner is one of the 2%).

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