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Valentine’s Day: A Chance to Make You and Your Relationship Better 

It is customary to do something special with your partner on Valentine’s Day to celebrate your relationship. Have you planned what you are going to do? You can go with the standard commercialized gifts like chocolates, lingerie, or overpriced roses. Or, perhaps you plan on simply spending some time with each other. If you go that route, rather than the trite dinner and a movie, you may want to consider doing something together that will actually make you and your relationship better. 

Good relationships are built on mutual feelings of closeness, trust, intimacy, friendship, and affection. These qualities form a stable foundation for relationships, but why not take your relationship up a notch and go from being merely “good” to becoming great? One way to create a great relationship is for partners to help each other grow as individuals. Ultimately, this growth fosters your and your partner’s self-improvement, which will help you enjoy an even more sustainable and satisfying relationship together.

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