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10 Essential Relationship Lessons that Men Should Learn about Women

Men should know that…

  1. …being around an attractive woman can impair his cognitive ability (link).
  2. …women find humor attractive perhaps because it shows his cognitive sophistication and intelligence (link).
  3. …if they ask a woman for casual sex, she may perceive him as dangerous (link).
  4. …women were more in love actually initiated sex less often, perhaps as an invitation for seduction (link).
  5. …women are typically more picky about who they date than men, but that this may have more to do with dating norms (i.e., men are expected to approach women and ask them out rather than vice versa) than with innate differences between men and women (link).
  6. … on average women are more sexually satisfied than men (link).
  7. …they benefit from marriage more than women because it leads them to drink less and eat healthier (link).
  8. … when women fake orgasm, it is likely done to preserve their male partner’s feelings (link).
  9. …they are likely much more attracted to their female friends than vice versa (link).
  10. …they are more likely to find women with higher pitched voices more attractive and that a higher voice may indicate higher fertility (link).

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