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10 Essential Relationship Lessons that Women Should Learn about Men

Women should know that…

  1. …men fall in love faster than they do (link).
  2. …their sense of humor doesn’t typically matter to men (link).
  3. …contrary to stereotypes men associate romantic images with pleasant more than sexual images (link).
  4. …if they’re looking for a man who prefers romance to sex, they should look for a male who is low in extroversion (link).
  5. …men who are more in love act more affectionately (e.g., sharing their feelings, making each other laugh, giving hugs and kisses, etc.) toward them (link).
  6. …men like cuddling more than they may think (link).
  7. …healthier men are likely to have happier relationships and more satisfying sex life (link).
  8. …contrary to popular belief, men are more likely to say “I love you” first in a relationships (link).
  9. …married women drink more alcohol than single women (link).
  10. …there is a good chance their male friends find them physically attractive, even if those male friends are in a romantic relationship (link).

In case you missed it, see our list of 10 Essential Relationship Lessons that Men Should Learn about Women here. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

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