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A Unique Date Night in L.A. for Fans of ScienceOfRelationships.com (sponsored)

Love Lab LIVE! is the first-of-its-kind interactive show that puts science to the test on everyone's favorite subjects: love and sex. Want to know how a six becomes a ten on the mating market? Can your nose choose a better partner than your eyes? Find out if your marriage passes the divorce predictor test! Whether you are single, married, or in between, don't miss this live social experiment hosted by America's Relationship Expert, Dr. Wendy Walsh (CNN’s Human Behavior Expert and former co-host of The Doctors.) Lucky audience volunteers will have the opportunity to participate in fun experiments that reveal the science  -- and humor -- behind seduction, and even win a free DNA compatibility test provided by InstantChemistry.com. Dr. Wendy is joined by a powerhouse professional panel, including Sexologist, Dr. Patti Britton, Couple’s Therapist, Dr. Adam Sheck, and Dating Coach, Evan Marc Katz. Some talented comedians will keep the night lively.

Love Lab LIVE! is for singles, couples, long-term marrieds, and even threesomes!

This event will sell out. Get your tickets early.

April 18, 2015. Doors open at 6:30. Show starts at 7pm. Tix: $45.

1310 11TH STREET, SANTA MONICA, CA 90401  

Get your ticket here and use the code SOR35 for $10 off the ticket price.

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