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How Do People Share The News About Their Engagements?

Meagan McDonald - The University of Texas at Austin
Meagan’s research evaluates how individuals’ internal working models, or beliefs about the way relationships work, affect individuals' behaviors in relationships. Specifically, her work focuses on implicit theories of relationships, cohabitation patterns, and relationship outcomes as a function of these individual differences.


Liz Keneski - Ph.D. Candidate - The University of Texas at Austin 
Liz's research centers around the intersection of romantic relationships, social networks, and health. Specifically, her research interests include social network support and romantic partner support processes, romantic relationship development and transition norms, and psychological and physiological resilience to relationship stress. 


Taylor Anne Morgan - Ph.D. - The University of Texas at Austin 
Taylor Anne’s research focuses on different stages of romantic relationships, with an emphasis on the associated cognitions at each transition point. Specifically, she is interested in how fluctuations in relationship evaluations over time affect relationship and individual outcomes.

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