Self-Expansion: Personal Growth through Relationships

In the past few months, research conducted by my friend and fellow contributor Dr. Gary Lewandowski and his colleagues has been featured across a number of media outlets, including the New York Times and CNN. He's much too modest to promote his own work, so I'll take the liberty of posting about it.

Click here for a link to the NYT piece about his work and here's a recent interview with Dr. Lewandowski on CNN, although he has to share time with a "non-relationship scientist" (trying to be nice here).

What I love about this work is that it is has much empirical support, and also that it is tied into the larger psychological literature on self-identity.

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What Do You Mean by "Relationship Science"?

As the first post to the site, I figured it would be a good idea to talk a little bit about what we mean by the scientific study of relationships, and why this might be a good approach for learning about relationships.

Who are the first people that come to mind when you think about "relationships experts"?

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