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Marriage-Free, Not Fancy-Free

As a relationship scientist, I frequently consider research findings when making personal decisions in my life. The most recent personal decision I’ve made was to move in with The Consultant, a man I have been dating for some time now. Unfortunately, most of the research out there about cohabiting doesn’t quite map onto my particular situation. Although some research findings do seem to apply to us, such as cohabiters being more liberal, less religious, and more egalitarian compared to their married peers,1 other findings do not apply so clearly. 

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Four-Legged Support: The Benefits of Owning a Pet

Decades of research show that close relationships play a critical role in our health and wellbeing. People need to feel connected to others, and so they fare much better when they have supportive, nurturing relationships with people such as family members, friends, and romantic partners. But what about our relationships with our four-legged friends? Are pets just cute and fun to play with, or can they actually help to meet some of our important psychological needs?

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First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, and Then Come Frequent Flyer Miles?

Although the title of this post is a twist on the playground rhyme, this sequence of events is a reality for many couples who, because of career related and other circumstances, maintain separate homes and reunite often. Since 1980’s we have seen a shift in this arrangement as dual-career couples attempt to reconcile their relationship and career needs by living apart.

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