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Our Book, Now on Kindle!

Our book, The Science of Relationships: Answers to Your Questions about Dating, Marriage, and Family, has just been released in Kindle format! 

If you could ask any question about relationships, marriage, family, or parenting, what would you ask? Coincidentally, we have published a book that answers 40 of the most common questions. The book is edited by the creators of ScienceOfRelationships.com, and includes contributions from us and many of our colleagues. The key difference between our book and the other books on relationships out there is that all of our contributors are relationship scientists and teachers at colleges/universities who are true experts on relationships. We take that expertise, add in a little research, and present things in an easy to read format on your Kindle (or other device of choice).


Dr. Jennifer Harman Interviewed on the Moncrieff Radio Show (with audio)

Dr. Jennifer Harman recently talked to Sean Moncrieff (NewsTalk.ie, 106-108FM in Ireland) about relationship science and our new book. Click on the green play button to listen to the 5 minute interview.


Dr. Jennifer Harman Interviewed on "Passion" Radio Show (streaming audio)

SofR's Dr. Jennifer Harman was recently invited to talk about relationship science and our new book on the CJAD800 (Montreal, Canada) talk show Passion with Laurie Betito. Click on the button to play the interview.


Dr. Jennifer Harman Discusses the SofR Book and Her Research