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ScienceOfRelationships.com on Google+

Joining a new social networking platform is a lot like starting a new relationship. It takes energy to build and a commitment to keep it going, but ultimately it can be very rewarding. We are happy to announce that we've embraced Google+ (in addition to Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, and Tumblr), giving you lots of ways to get your daily dose of relationship science.

If Google+ is your social networking platform of choice, connect with us here.


Obama vs. Romney: How Politics Influence Sexual Desire

Obviously, many variables affect the decision to have or not have sexual intercourse (e.g., Are you in the “mood?” Did you have a romantic dinner? Did he remember the flowers?). Although most people probably don’t think the outcome of a political election is especially romantic, or has much effect on their libidos, recent research suggests that political elections could influence your sex life!  

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