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How Should You Part Your Hair to Look Better?

Photo Credit: ellebangsThere is a common belief that hair parted on the right side makes a person appear more feminine and warmer, while parts on the left give the impression of greater masculinity and competence. Researchers tested this assumption across three studies with a total of 3,819 participants, using digitally altered photos that kept every aspect of a person’s picture the same, except for the hair style. In all studies, hair part location did not significantly influence perceptions of appearance. This was true for both women and men, and for a variety of expressions (e.g., neutral, smiling). Ultimately it appears that how you part your hair does not have a meaningful influence on your appearance.

Frimer, J. A. (2018). Does the left hair part look better (or worse) than the right? Social Psychological and Personality Science. Online first March 23, 2018. doi.org/10.1177/1948550618762500 


Manscaping: A Question of Bushwhacking

Over cocktails this week, my girlfriends and I got into a discussion about grooming. We first compared notes on our preferred “wax specialists” who have been keeping our bikini hair lines nice and neat for our pool and beach excursions. We then started talking about the men in our lives and found considerable variation in opinion as to whether manscaping (the trimming or shaving of genital hair) is desirable. This got me thinking about why we each differed so much in our preferences. Anthropologists have documented that the removal of body hair from the neck down (called body depilation) was socially desirable in Egyptian and Greek cultures,1 but the presence of back, buttocks, and genital hair has been (and remains) associated with masculinity and fertility for men in other cultures.2

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Shave It Off! Baldness Boosts Your Manly Image

Bald may or may not be beautiful, but it definitely is manly according to recent research.1 Participants were asked to rate photographs of men who either had a full head of hair or a shaven head (the hair was digitally edited away). The bald versions of men were consistently rated as more dominant than the men with full locks.  The men with shaved scalps were also perceived as taller, older, and stronger, but less attractive, than their full-haired counterparts. Consistent with prior findings, participants rated men with thinning hair least favorably on all attributes.

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