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The Grass Is Greener on the Internet: Pornography, Alternatives, and Infidelity

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for that last 20 years, you likely know that the internet is full of pornography. But does exposure to porn hurt your relationships? Although there are conflicting results and plenty of questionable science on this topic (see here for an example), a new study suggests that watching porn may indeed impact certain aspects of relationship quality.1 Specifically, the researchers examined whether exposure to pornographic videos (i.e., the kind of thing you’re most likely to come across on the internet) increases people’s perception of relationship alternatives (read more about alternatives here), which negatively affects relationship quality. 

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The Seasons for Sex

When researchers examine sexual behaviors they tend to focus on who is most sexually promiscuous. For example, men and women with dominant personalities tend to sleep with more people than submissive individuals. But what about the equally interesting question: when are individuals most promiscuous? Is there a time of the year when people tend to be the horniest?

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Master of Mythical Warfare...But Maybe Not of Marriage

You awaken with a startle, the clang of metal against metal resounding in your ears. To your left, someone’s scream of anguish is cut ominously short. To your right, a primal war cry, mixed with the menacing growls of large feral creatures, chills you to the bone. You bolt up from the couch in a panic, only to find that you’re not in danger after all, at least not of being gutted by a Death Knight. However, your gamer spouse, who is stabbing frantically at the keyboard, eyes glued to the battle unfolding on the computer screen, might be missing some vital limbs soon if you don’t both get some sleep.

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Dr. Amy Muise's Research Featured on bigthink.com

ScienceOfRelationships.com's Dr. Amy Muise's research on the link between Facebook and jealousy was recently featured on the website bigthink.com. Read the article here >>>

See Amy's SofR article about this research here >>>

Check out an interview with Amy (with link to video) here >>>


If I’m Hot, You’re Probably Not

To determine how people’s attractiveness influences their selection of dating partners, researchers examined attractiveness ratings of over 16,000 HOTorNOT.com users, their ratings of others, and their responses to meeting requests. Both women (vs. men) and more (vs. less) attractive individuals were less likely to accept meeting requests. Less attractive individuals were willing to meet less attractive others and did so without artificially inflating the others’ attractiveness (i.e., they knew they were less attractive). 

Lee, L., Loewenstein, G., Ariely, D., Hong, J., & Young, J. (2008). If I'm not hot, are you hot or not? Physical-attractiveness evaluations and dating preferences as a function of one's own attractiveness. Psychological Science, 19(7), 669-677. doi:10.1111/j.1467-9280.2008.02141.x


Do Internet Daters Lie In Their Personal Profiles? And Does It Help Them Succeed?

Online dating has become incredibly common since the mid-1990s. For example, a recent nationally representative survey conducted in the United States revealed that 17% of heterosexual couples and 41% of same-sex couples met over the internet. However, as anyone who has ever dated online can tell you, internet dating is a tricky business. People have a tendency to lie and misrepresent themselves in an attempt to maximize their appeal to potential partners. But just how common and serious are these lies, and what effect do they have on someone’s likelihood of getting a date?

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Fantasy Football: A Form of Friendship Maintenance

Until recently, my wife never understood my fascination with fantasy football. Specifically, she wondered how I could make fun of the other “players” in my league (i.e., my friends) without them getting mad at me. I rarely see these friends because we live in different states, and she likes to point out that it may be a better idea to be nice to one another. Perhaps many of you are just like my wife, wondering what in the world is wrong with your boyfriends/fiancés/husbands (at least in terms of our obsession with fantasy football.

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Can Cybersex be Good for Your Relationship?

Let’s start with the basics: What is cybersex? Researchers at the University of New Brunswick found that people actually have varied ideas of what activities fit into the term cybersex. Based on their findings, they propose that we can broadly define cybersex as “a sexual communication between at least two people that is focused on sexual relations and occurs via synchronous Internet modes.”

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OKTrends - Are Their Data Valid?

OKCupid is a popular online dating site, and the creators also run a blog called OKTrends in which they describe patterns of their consumers' behavior with a whole lot of number crunching. The findings they publish are interesting and thought provoking (for example, when women make flirtatious eye-contact in profile pictures, that gets more attention than a smiling picture, on “The 4 Big Myths of Profile Pictures”). The question is, how accurate are these types of findings in light of scientific research on attraction and dating, and how consistent are they with behavior in the general population?

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