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The New York Times is a Tease

Men are dumber around women. Thijs Verwijmeren, Vera Rommeswinkel and Johan C. Karremans gave men cognitive tests after they had interacted with a woman via computer. In the study, published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, the male cognitive performance declined after the interaction, or even after the men merely anticipated an interaction with a woman.

This passage comes from a piece by David Brooks on the New York Times website. We're always glad to see relationship science making it's way into the popular press. But, unfortunately, Brooks doesn't provide readers with much information about the research itself. Lucky for you, we do. Check out our coverage of this study here.


Dr. Gurit Birnbaum on Love, Sex, and Death

Our friend and colleague Dr. Gurit Birnbaum recently contributed to a discussion on the New York Times website on the topic of sexy Halloween costumes and fear of death. Check it out here.

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