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On Valentine Street, Chivalry Isn’t Dead

Researchers examined whether subtle reminders of love increase men’s willingness to help. Men who had been approached by a woman asking for directions to Valentine Street were willing to help a different woman retrieve her cell phone from “thieves”, helping her almost 37% of the time. Men asked for directions to Martin Street only helped 20% of the time. The simple mention of “Valentine” unconsciously motivated men to behave in a more chivalrous manner.

Lamy, L., Fischer-Lokou, J., & Guéguen, N. (2010). Valentine Street promotes chivalrous helping. Swiss Journal of Psychology, 69, 169-172.


The Music of Relationships

As you sit down for a romantic dinner with your partner, you’ve thought of everything: great food, fine china, candles, and a nice bottle of wine.  Now you just need a little music to set the mood, so you put on Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.”  This will certainly set a mood (i.e., confusion), but probably not the mood (i.e., romance). Clearly you should have gone with something like “At Last” by Etta James, or perhaps “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel (boom box and all).

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How Do I Stop Being “Clingy?”

Hi! -- I did some research on attachment styles and I realized I fell into the preoccupied quadrant. Something associated with preoccupied people that I realized I do myself is become more clingy as I feel the other person drawing away. Is there anyway to stop this?

-"Preoccupied Lady"

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