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The Secret's In The Pronouns: Dr. Jamie Pennebaker on NPR

Our colleague Dr. Jamie Pennebaker was recently interviewed by NPR, discussing how his research on language use can be applied to understanding dating. Check it out!

You can read our coverage of this research here.


Words Matter: Language Style Predicts Relationship Longevity

As we all know, the dating scene can be frustrating. For example, we’ve all probably dealt with the uncertainty of a first date in which we are trying to decipher whether our date is actually interested in us or if he or she is simply putting on a happy face to avoid hurting our feelings. Wouldn’t it be great to find a subtle way to determine whether you and your date are going to “click”? As you can probably guess, researchers have found a way to predict just this based on the words each person uses when communicating.

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Me ⇒ We: Cut on the Dotted Line

This seems particularly relevant in light of our recent article on pronoun use in relationships.

From piccsy.com.


“Me” and “You” and “Us”: I’m Confused

Can couple members be so close to one another that their individual identities merge into one? We might think of couples, like “TomKat” (Tom Cruise + Katie Holmes) and “Beyon-Z” (Beyonce + Jay-Z…yep, you heard that one here first), as a single unit, but do they think about themselves that way? 

They do if they’re committed to their relationships. More committed people think of themselves as being a part of a single unit that includes their partners.

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