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Relationship Science and Pop Psychology: Can't We All Just Get Along?

We recently ran an article by Dr. Dylan Selterman, titled How to Deciper Your Date...with Science. In his article, Dr. Selterman critically examines a post on Psychology Today by Dr. Seth Meyers. Over the past week Drs. Meyers and Selterman had a lively exchange that we'd like to share with you, because their respective sentiments highlight the various approaches that are taken in understanding close relationships. More specifically, their exchange underscores how the mission of SofR differs from "pop psychology." (by the way, if you haven't read our Mission Statement, please do take a moment to do so!)

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How to Decipher Your Date‚Ķwith Science

Recently, an article featured on Psychology Today provided some very unscientific advice on “deciphering your date” (meaning, how to interpret signals in your date’s behavior and gauge his or her level of interest/enthusiasm). Giving misleading advice can be harmful in the dating world, so we thought we’d set the record straight. 

Below is a list of points in the article (read the full article here), followed by the real science...

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SofR's Dr. Justin Lehmiller Banned by Psychology Today

As most of you know, Dr. Justin Lehmiller is a frequent contributor to SofR with his popular "Lusting, Loving, & Leaving" column. He also has an excellent blog on "The Psychology of Human Sexuality," which is one of our favorite reads. In his most recent post, he discusses how being a thoughtful scientist got him banned from the Psychology Today Facebook page. Check it out.

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