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A Unique Date Night in L.A. for Fans of ScienceOfRelationships.com (sponsored)

Love Lab LIVE! is the first-of-its-kind interactive show that puts science to the test on everyone's favorite subjects: love and sex. Want to know how a six becomes a ten on the mating market? Can your nose choose a better partner than your eyes? Find out if your marriage passes the divorce predictor test! Whether you are single, married, or in between, don't miss this live social experiment hosted by America's Relationship Expert, Dr. Wendy Walsh (CNN’s Human Behavior Expert and former co-host of The Doctors.) Lucky audience volunteers will have the opportunity to participate in fun experiments that reveal the science  -- and humor -- behind seduction, and even win a free DNA compatibility test provided by InstantChemistry.com. Dr. Wendy is joined by a powerhouse professional panel, including Sexologist, Dr. Patti Britton, Couple’s Therapist, Dr. Adam Sheck, and Dating Coach, Evan Marc Katz. Some talented comedians will keep the night lively.

Love Lab LIVE! is for singles, couples, long-term marrieds, and even threesomes!

This event will sell out. Get your tickets early.

April 18, 2015. Doors open at 6:30. Show starts at 7pm. Tix: $45.

1310 11TH STREET, SANTA MONICA, CA 90401  

Get your ticket here and use the code SOR35 for $10 off the ticket price.


Sponsored: Free Online Dating in the US and Australia

Today we'd like to bring your attention to one of the booming internet markets that's changing the face of how people are connecting far and wide. Fuller Enterprises P/L has released two online dating platforms for the Australian and American matchmaking space. It is an absolutely free service which connects single men and women via various modules and functionalities including powerful zip code search tools, category matching and live chat rooms. Freedatingamerica.com and Freedatingaustralia.com.au is a local dating and friend finder service focused on fun and is attracting plenty of attention for thousands of enthusiasts who are looking for ways to date better and expand their circle of friends within their hometown.  


Grammarly: An Online Dater’s Secret Weapon

Joe Romance scratches his head. Online dating profile questions are the worst. I never know what to write, he muses. He decides to write just the basics: general hobbies and interests without many distinctive details. His “matches” will be able to tell he’s a good guy, right? Then, he can work on impressing them later, once he connects with someone he really likes.

He taps out the following: I have two dogs. We go jogging in the park every morning. If your a Dog Lover like me, maybe we’ll get along. One’s a Labrador, the others a Dalmatian. And, I like stargazing. I studied Astronomy in highschool and could of been an astonomer. If you want to know how to find Orion in the sky, well I can be your Star Hunter ha ha. Normally I like to go to the observatory alone, it’s kinda my Fortress of Solitude (Superman fan, don’t judge), but for the right person, I’ll make room on my stargazing blanket. I also like concerts and going to the movies.

Satisfied with his self-description, Joe Romance submits his bio, uploads a few photos, and waits for his dating luck to change. Over the next few weeks, his number of profile views goes up, but he only gets a few messages.

What went wrong?

If Joe had thought to use it, leading automated proofreading site Grammarly could have offered a few suggestions. The global service has helped over two billion native and non-native English writers with common grammatical errors, spelling mishaps, and lack of originality through its signature Grammarly Editor. Beyond the automated proofreader’s obvious utility for school assignments and business communication, the folks at Grammarly believed their service could boost its users’ romantic prospects, too, by helping people make good first impressions with their online dating profiles.

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Sponsored: Stiffy Strips

Stiffy Strips is an all-natural product for males that dissolves on your tongue in seconds and increases libido, desire and passion to perform at your best! No matter if you’re stressed out, not in the mood, or just want to take your sex life to the next level - Stiffy Strips is the product for you. Order now at www.stiffystrips.com and leave boring sex in the past forever. Follow us on social media @stiffystrips. Use code 954282 at checkout for $5 off your purchase.



Internet Dating by the Numbers (Sponsored Post)

Internet dating received another vote of confidence recently. A study compiled by Harris Interactive showed that the percentage of marital break-ups for couples who met online was 25% lower than for those who met the old-fashioned way, which is a figure that will probably shock many people. 

According to the research, 25.7% of responders met their other half on eHarmony.com, making it the most popular dating website for lasting love. The responses, which were taken from a sample of approximately 20,000 people, showed that those who found each other online were more likely to stay together than couples who met through more traditional methods (for details of the research, click here). 

Online dating takes work in much the same way as meeting people in real life. It’s not a case of finding the right person straight away – but if the results of this latest research are anything to go by, you’ve got a better chance of finding someone you can stay with long-term, and build a steady and compassionate relationship with which will stand the test of time.

For more on this topic, see Cacioppo, J. T., Cacioppo, S., Gonzaga, G. C., Ogburn, E. L., & Vanderweele, T. J. (2013). Marital satisfaction and break-ups differ across on-line and off-line meeting venues. Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences. Volume 10.

(Editors' Note: This post is sponsored by eHarmony.com)

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