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Looking for Summer Employment?

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The Seasons for Sex

When researchers examine sexual behaviors they tend to focus on who is most sexually promiscuous. For example, men and women with dominant personalities tend to sleep with more people than submissive individuals. But what about the equally interesting question: when are individuals most promiscuous? Is there a time of the year when people tend to be the horniest?

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Are You Pool-Ready? Romantic Partners and Body Image

You don’t have to be a body image researcher to appreciate all the different shapes and sizes at the pool. But as body image researchers who are married to each other, our experiences are a little bit different, in part, because we have done a number of studies examining romantic partners’ roles in determining body image. Some of our findings may even help to alleviate some of your own body angst, provided that the person you care most about impressing at the pool is your own romantic partner.

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Summer Lovin' or Summer Leavin'? Two Ways to Predict Break-up

Summer is here…the beach, the pool, the mountains, picnics, fireworks, sitting around reading trashy novels, or perhaps just a little rest and relaxation. You might also consider adding a little summer romance to that list. Now, if you're already in a relationship, this might pose some problems, but hear me out. Whether you and your partner are graduating and heading off to different colleges, or just have different summer vacation plans, the summer may be a good time to take a break. Blasphemy! Well, maybe you would never consider it…but would your partner?

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