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Feeling Cold? How About a Romance Movie?

Feeling cold increases people’s liking and willingness to pay for romance movies but not other movie genres (i.e., action, comedy, thriller). Researchers thought this was because physical coldness activates a need for psychological warmth, a feeling often associated with romance movies. Indeed, the more individuals associated romance movies in general with psychological warmth, the more they reported liking romance movies – but only when they felt cold. So if you’re going to watch a romance movie this Valentine’s Day, be sure to turn down the heat for a heartwarming experience. 

Hong, J., & Sun, Y. (2012). Warm it up with love: The effect of physical coldness on liking of romance movies. Journal of Consumer Research, 39(2), 293-306. doi:10.1086/662613


The Warm Glow of the Past

Let’s take a trip down nostalgia lane for a moment. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and try to bring to mind a special memory. What came to mind? You might be thinking about a special time with a loved one or a beloved pet. Perhaps you are recalling an event that has special meaning for you, such as your wedding day or the birth of your child. Maybe the thought of Grandma’s cookies flood your senses – so much so that you can actually smell them baking in the kitchen. Or you could be thinking about the happy-go-lucky days of your youth when you were free to be whomever you wanted to be.

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Feel the Warmth: Attachment Anxiety and Temperature

Relationships with others are often described in terms of temperature. We can have “hot” romances, “warm” friendships, and encounters with strangers that feel “cold”, and give others the cold shoulder. To the extent that interpersonal feelings coincide with a sense of temperature, an individual with greater sensitivity to relationship dynamics may also have greater sensitivity to physical temperatures. In other words, those who pay more attention to how others express warmth may be attentive to warmth in general, including actual physical warmth.

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