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Five Relationship Resolutions for the New Year

It’s that time of year again. Everyone I know is joining a gym, beginning a diet, and trying to start anew for the New Year. This year I’ve decided to do things a little differently. Instead of my typical New Year’s resolutions, which focus on work and personal goals, I’m writing relationship resolutions. Here are a few relationship enhancing behaviors that I’m going to work on in the coming weeks and months. Feel free to join me if you’d like to make your romantic relationship a happier, healthier union.

1. Be more positive

There are a host of reasons why positivity beats out negativity. Not only is positivity more attractive than pessimism or cynicism,1 it’s also a winning strategy for navigating relationship conflict. Interestingly, relationship researchers found that people are particularly sensitive to negative feedback and that couples who engage in a 5:1 ratio of positive to negative comments are more likely to stay together.2 I take this to mean that a little negativity goes a long way, and sometimes even an unintentional slight or criticism can have a powerful impact. I vow to try to be more positive, generally, but particularly when things get heated. 

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Top 5 Tips for Successfully Navigating Your First Conference

It’s hard to believe, but it has been over a decade since I attended my first conference as a student. Now as a professor, when my student who is presenting for the first time, asked me for some tips, I had to think back and put myself in his shoes.  I figured I’d pass along the following handful of suggestions to any readers who are attending their first conference or just curious about what an academic research conference involves.

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Valentine's Day Recap


Rekindle the Romance in Your Relationship with Self-Expansion

If your relationship has become a bit stagnant, it likely lacks sufficient self-expansion.  As we’ve discussed previously, self-expansion refers to people’s inherent desires to improve themselves and relationships serve as a key route to accomplishing this goal. However, many relationships are in a rut or otherwise feel a bit stagnant, stale, or boring. Want to learn about some strategies for improving your relationship that counteract boredom by fostering self-expansion? Read on... 

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10 Dating Tips from ScienceOfRelationships.com

Sure, you can get dating tips and advice almost anywhere. But how much of it is good advice that is actually grounded in scientific research? Here are 10 dating tips that represent a “greatest hits” of sorts from our previous articles. If you are interested in reading more about any of the tips on the list, you can click on each to read the full article. 

  1. No spark? No problem. Chemistry may take time to develop.
  2. To get someone interested, avoid playing hard to get.
  3. Go easy on the Facebook use; de-friending former partners may not hurt either.
  4. A little distance never hurt anyone.
  5. Overly confident and self-assured people may not make the best partners.
  6. Find a partner that shares your interests and hobbies, and is generally like you. 
  7. Lots of conflict is a bad sign…It's not a sign of someone who cares.
  8. It isn’t a good idea to rely on love at first sight as the test of potential relationship success.
  9. Give the relationship some time before making a big commitment.
  10. Make sure your relationship has something in it for you.

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