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Stars Love ScienceOfRelationships.com, Part Deux

The ScienceOfRelationships.com creative team has just wrapped-up working with some of your favorite stars (see the previous batch of work here). If you have an idea for an interesting graphic, please let us know!

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Social Networks, Commitment, and True Blood: Who Forgives a Vampire?

You might assume that relationship science doesn’t have much to say about vampire romances, but you would be wrong. Previously, we wrote about the Sookie/Bill/Eric love triangle, but relationship research explains some of the other complex relationships on True Blood as well. 

One of the reoccurring storylines in Bon Temps is that Sookie’s best friend, Tara, doesn’t understand why Sookie continues to be attracted to her undead suitors (first Bill, then Eric), especially given all the trouble they’ve caused. Every time Bill makes a mess of things, Sookie forgives him. Why doesn’t Tara forgive Bill?

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Stars Love ScienceOfRelationships.com

Our creative team has been hard at work with some of you favorite stars. We've been rolling these out on our Facebook page, but due to popular demand we're reposting them here for you enjoyment. If you have an idea for an interesting graphic, please let us know!

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Aww Sookie, Sookie, Now! True (Blood) Love from a Gain-Loss Perspective

What’s hotter than a vampire in love? Two vampires in love...with the same woman! Admit it, you eagerly awaited each Sunday, hoping that this season of True Blood might push the erotic boundary of an already risqué show by including a steamy three-way relationship between Sookie, Bill, and Eric! Then, stunned, you watched the season draw to a close with Sookie walking away from both of her true loves. 

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