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Survey Says: What Do Men Want for Valentine's Day?

In a prior post we told you what gifts were identifed as the perfect gifts for women on Valentine's Day. Now it's the guys' turn....

Again, we asked our survey respondents:

What is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for a man to receive?

The #1 most preferred gift men want for Valentine’s Day

S-E-X. A whopping 46% of our male respondents indicated that the perfect gift for them on Valentine’s Day is sex.

And we won’t go into all the gory details, but some guys were quite specific regarding exactly what type of sex they have in mind. My eyes still burn. Think what you want, but at least it’s free, right

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Survey Says: What Do Women Want for Valentine's Day?

Okay, so you've figured out that you're going to give your partner a thoughtful, romantic gift during an intimate dinner (vs. as part of a flash mob), but now you have to figure out just what you should get your partner. Fortunately, you're in luck, because we asked men and women what they thought were the perfect gifts for Valentine's Day. Let's begin with women......

We asked survey respondents to respond to the following question:

What is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for a woman to receive? (please fill in anything you think a woman would most like)

Here are the top gifts listed for women (I wish we could say the results are shocking. We can't.)

The #1 most preferred gift women want for Valentine’s Day

That’s right. Jewelry. Turns out all those ads on TV may be on to something. 30% of the women in our sample listed some sort of jewelry as the best gift for a woman to receive on Valentine’s Day (and 37% of men agreed – looks like the message is coming in loud and clear).

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Science-Approved Valentine's Day Cards

Still searching for the perfect Valentine's Day card for your sweetheart? Look no further, we have you covered.

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Tyrants Love Valentine's Day

We don't know how their political ideologies impacted their relationships (click here for more on politics and relationships), but maybe they should read more about the color red (click here for more on red and attraction).